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Click on the links to download PDFs of some of our previously featured stories. Click on the photos to be taken directly to Google+ slideshows that were previously featured on the home page.

Trip Reports

Honduran Family Partners Say Thanks, November 2013 – PDF

Sean’s Adventures: A Blog by Lou Harrington’s 14-Year-Old Son About His Trip to Peru and Bolivia, Winter 2013 – PDF

Guatemala Pit Latrine and Water Filters for 122 Families with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala, July 2013 – PDF

Latrines for 22 Families/220 People in Chum Cerro, Chiapas, Mexico. Completed June 2013 – PDF

Clean Water Flows to Remote Mayan Village in Chiapas, April 2012 – PDF

Latrines, Water Filters and Solar Lanterns for 89 Families with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala. Completed July 2011 – PDF

Volunteer Profiles

Profile of Civil Engineer and WEFTA Volunteer Ewan Young, July 2014 – PDF

Volunteer Profile of Blanca Amador Surgeon, Spring 2014 – PDF

Profile of Enrique Lozano Campos, Volunteer of the Month, December 2013 – PDF

Volunteer Profile of Ramon Lucero, Jr., July 2013 – PDF

General Slide Shows

Anatomy of a Hand Pump – Google+ Slideshow

WEFTA to Help Thousands in Honduras, May 2014 – PDF

Texans Give Drill-Rig Training in Bolivia – Photo Essay, Spring 2013 – Google+ Slideshow

WEFTA Signs MOU with USAID-ACCESO in Honduras, Winter 2013 – PDF

WEFTA Makes Presentation at World’s Largest Water-Quality Convention, October 2013 – PDF

Funding Proposal for Bolivia Water Well Drilling Rig – Funded and Complete – PDF