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Goods & Services

Any time WEFTA can avoid spending cash for something, the money saved is used to fund more water projects. Many essential items in our budget can be donated by individuals or companies. There are also many things on our wish list of donations that, although not absolutely essential, would benefit us tremendously with communications, documenting our projects, and raising funds.

WEFTA is used to working on a shoestring, and in the places we work, a little bit goes a long way.  We, our partners, and the families we serve truly appreciate your donations, and the variety of goods and services that can be donated is almost endless. For example: when the small town of Muenster, Texas, hosted our colleagues from Bolivia for a training session on a well-drilling rig we shipped to them, the community raised thousands of dollars, and they donated steel-toed boots, pumps, drill bits, hydraulic hoses, interpretation services, and room and board for three weeks. Through a program at Hewlett Packard, WEFTA received much-needed computers, and the Bolivians were able to take home a laptop computer which will greatly enhance their ability to report on their work and communicate with others.


Airline tickets or mileage points for our volunteers to make site visits.  We especially need American Airlines, Continental and Delta. The most effective way to donate airline tickets is to book a ticket for one of our volunteers using your own account; when you transfer miles from one account to another or donate them through airline gift programs you incur a fee and a small charge per mile, whereas booking the flight on our behalf is free. Contact louharrington@wefta.net or info@wefta.net about upcoming flight needs.

Also, donating money that can be used to stay at hotels in the Latin American cities we fly into before heading out to the field.

In-County Project Materials

  • Tools and equipment for well drilling in Bolivia
  • PVC and/or HDPE pipe, fittings
  • Cement and reinforcement steel for concrete
  • Tools, work boots, gloves for community members working on their own projects


  • Laptop computers
  • Surveying equipment
  • Digital cameras, video cameras and audio recorders to document our work
  • GPS units
  • Computer software


  • Container space and shipping for equipment being sent from the US to Latin America
  • Printing services (stationery, brochures, cards, promo materials for events, and signage)
  • Advertising space to promote our projects and raise funds and awareness

Contact us at info@wefta.net if you would like to discuss supporting our work with a donation of goods or services.