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Because WEFTA has been a 100% volunteer-based organization, it has promoted itself since its inception only by word of mouth and spent virtually no money on fundraising or marketing.  Indeed, practically all funding has come from individuals who have a personal connection to the volunteers, several like-minded organizations, the employers of the engineers themselves and several foundations and matching grants. Despite this approach, we’ve achieved a remarkable track record of assisting communities in Latin America.

As WEFTA has done more projects, requests for its help by individual communities, local governments, and other development agencies has skyrocketed.  In 2011, the board of WEFTA decided that in order to increase its ability to meet this demand, it needed to focus intensely on marketing and fundraising.  WEFTA brought on a marketing consultant and a volunteer resource development consultant with extensive experience in Latin America who has helped us diversify our funding and establish our presence among the growing number of nonprofit organizations. In 2014 the board of directors hired a part-time paid executive director to further the growth of the organization through strategic planning, board, partnership, volunteer and resource development in addition to more extensive marketing.

Our goals are to:

    • Educate and reach out to more people about our work and bring on board individual donors
    • Engage groups of people to sponsor affordable projects and help them keep in touch with the community that benefits from their generosity
    • Identify and seek funding from foundations, other nonprofits, and grant makers for larger projects and operational expenses
    • Begin a long-term program of enlisting businesses to fund projects through their corporate social responsibility programs.  We will particularly target in-country companies or branches of multi-national corporations where we work because this creates sustainable funding and encourages businesses to strengthen the infrastructure and improve the lives of the communities which help them thrive.
    • Engage additional highly-skilled engineers to join our pool of volunteer experts
    • Get WEFTA “into the system” by registering for matching gift programs, joining organizations with whom we can collaborate and posting profiles of WEFTA in the many online directories that generous people use to select the organizations they support

You will find a number of new general presentations about our work in this section. We hope you will read about our work, keep up with us on Facebook and through e-news, and tell us what kind of stories you’d like to see.  Ultimately, we hope you will be motivated to support us financially or by spreading the word about the need for clean water and sanitation and our work to make sure it is available to all in Latin America.