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Making It Happen Together in El Salvador

In early 2015, WEFTA was approached by Habitat for Humanity (HFH) El Salvador to assist communities with poor functioning water supply systems and with community systems served only by centralized hand-dug wells. WEFTA works with HFH and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to provide assistance with water and sanitation systems in El Salvador.

Sampling Water in El Salvador

WEFTA volunteers traveled to El Salvador in October 2015 and visited a number of communities outside the capital, San Salvador. Among the communities visited was the Monsignor Romero project; a low-income housing project being developed by another NGO, Homes from the Heart. This community needs both a water supply system in addition to a sanitary sewer system.

Another community, Tepeagua, the subject of the HFH effort, is in need of a new water supply and distribution system. WEFTA is working on this project along with the community, HFH El Salvador, the NGO Living Waters, and the Atonement Lutheran Church of Muskego, WI. WEFTA’s task is to prepare a design for a new water supply system, and assist with identifying possible funding opportunities.

John Lincoln with the Habitat Folks

2016 will prove to be a year of increasing involvement between WEFTA, non-profit partners, and El Salvadorians to improve local water and sanitation conditions. A team will make a follow up trip to El Salvador in the summer of 2016 to gather information on the viability of some of the identified water supply options.

To read more about our ongoing involvement in El Salvador check out our page: El Salvador